little gold table

October 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

The home my boyfriend and I share is a little small but perfect for the two of us. Our living room is mainly neutral colors and is the first thing you see when you enter into the house. I came home one day (a long time ago) and was bored with how it was looking. We are on a strict budget and since we had just bought new couches, the last thing I could do was go out and buy more new furniture. So, the alternative – buy a can of spray paint.

Gold has been my latest color crush and seemed to fit the neutral theme while still adding a bit of pop… This table is the first thing I have ever spray painted and although I would do a few things differently, I am so pleased with how it turned out!

THE table. I seriously can’t believe I let it sit in my house for as long as it did without a coat of paint. My boyfriend has also just informed me that he has had this table since he can remember… It was in his first bedroom and has moved into every house with him since.

Me: “What?!? That’s so cute! And you just let me paint it whatever I wanted?”

Him: “I don’t think I really had a choice.”

Me: Pondering… “You’re probably right.”

Luckily, I already had primer laying around from a different project the boyfriend and I had done previously. If you are painting anything a lighter color than what it was before, I highly recommend using primer.

Finished. I definitely need to practice with a spray can a little bit more… The paint isn’t exactly even but for my first spray paint project, I’m happy.

The good thing is, if you look at it quickly, you would never know… But seriously, I LOVE it – imperfections and all.


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