Thanksgiving Cards

November 23, 2013 § Leave a comment

11.23.13 Thanksgiving Card 4
I love all holidays but Thanksgiving is one of my favorites. I am going to be away from more than a few friends and family and I wanted to let them know how thankful I am to have them in my life so why not make some Thanksgiving cards?? I made these all for under $3. I already had the paper and glue so all I had to do was purchase some fun stickers… What is possibly more fun than turkeys with googly eyes?! I say nearly nothing… So turkeys with googly eyes it was. Zachary and I had a friend over for dinner and while they watched ESPN, I got my craft on. It was definitely a successful night… Here are the steps I took to make my Thanksgiving cards.

11.23.13 Thanksgiving Card 1
1. Grab all the ingredients. I needed a paper cutter, envelopes, craft paper, glue (not pictured), ruler and pencil… I wanted to use some string but ended up not liking the vibe so I stuck to just the fun turkey stickers.
11.23.13 Thanksgiving Card 2
2. Measure the size of your envelopes and cut the size of your paper about a half inch shorter than that. My envelopes were 5.95 inches so I cut my paper to 5.5.

11.23.13 Thanksgiving Card 3
3. I also cut smaller pieces of different color paper and then glued that paper to my original…

11.23.13 Thanksgiving Card 5
4. Next… Add stickers….

11.23.13 Thanksgiving Card 6

I also did a green and light brown to mix it up a bit from the “normal” thanksgiving colors… I think I ended up liking this one the best. I sent it to Zachary’s mom and dad who just happen to love the color green.

Have I mentioned how I excited I am for Thanksgiving? Hehe. Xo.



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