Monday Musings: Saying No.

November 18, 2013 § Leave a comment

11.18.13 MM %22Saying No%22 Picture The last couple weeks have been hectic and I know they are only going to get crazier with the holidays coming up. I think Zachary and I have something planned every weekend until February and although I love to be busy, it can be pretty stressful at times.
This past weekend was the only weekend I didn’t have a single thing planned. I mean, I had to work at the restaurant but I am so used to it that I don’t count that as something on the “To Do” list.  We didn’t have any events, no celebrations, one of my finals was due last week so my homework is pretty light, and I was really looking forward to doing nothing… Then my best friend called and asked if I wanted to come to girls wine night.
I used to have an extreme fear of missing out. I always wanted to be at everything and would lose sleep over not being invited somewhere. I think as I have grown up and aged a bit, I realize the importance of alone time and having time to do “nothing.” I told my best friend thank you for the invite but I just couldn’t make it. She asked why? I told her frankly, “I just want one night in my pajamas catching up on my DVR.” Without hesitation she said, “I totally understand, that sounds magical.”
Saying no is okay and sometimes necessary. I had a really rough semester about a year ago where I was always saying yes and overexerting myself; I paid the price with a few meltdowns and I refuse to ever let my head, or heart, get back to that point. I really needed that one night to sit on my couch and relax. I have been on the go so much lately that having time to myself to not answer emails, worry over homework or even entertain friends was crucial to keeping my sanity.
Plus saying ‘no,’ makes the ‘yes’ events much more enjoyable


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