First Day Back

November 1, 2013 § Leave a comment

Hello Again

I have been gone from this website for quite a long time and it all has to do with lazy-ness. I would love to apologize and say I have been getting many things accomplished and so putting content on my blog has to take a back seat but in reality, I have just been lazy.

Now, let me define my kind of lazy. This past year has been a bit of a whirlwind. I started school again in August, Zachary (the boyfriend) and I have been to nine weddings, my grandmother bought a house that we have been helping to take care of, his family’s property has also been a handful, I am working at an internship and let’s be honest here, I like to sleep and see my friends more than once a month. And while were being honest, I have felt a little intimidated about starting my blog back up. It’s a lot of responsibility to produce quality content that is satisfying to both the reader, and myself… And who really reads what I want to say (besides my dad). But in the world of media, everyone has a blog and if I want a job, this is what I have to do… The little voice inside my head is telling me that if everyone were to jump off a bridge, would I do the same thing? And the answer would be… How high is the bridge? How hot is it outside? Is my best friend doing it? And in the end, I may as well do it. So here is to jumping back in the technology world and enjoying it at the same time.


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