Thanksgiving Cards

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11.23.13 Thanksgiving Card 4
I love all holidays but Thanksgiving is one of my favorites. I am going to be away from more than a few friends and family and I wanted to let them know how thankful I am to have them in my life so why not make some Thanksgiving cards?? I made these all for under $3. I already had the paper and glue so all I had to do was purchase some fun stickers… What is possibly more fun than turkeys with googly eyes?! I say nearly nothing… So turkeys with googly eyes it was. Zachary and I had a friend over for dinner and while they watched ESPN, I got my craft on. It was definitely a successful night… Here are the steps I took to make my Thanksgiving cards.

11.23.13 Thanksgiving Card 1
1. Grab all the ingredients. I needed a paper cutter, envelopes, craft paper, glue (not pictured), ruler and pencil… I wanted to use some string but ended up not liking the vibe so I stuck to just the fun turkey stickers.
11.23.13 Thanksgiving Card 2
2. Measure the size of your envelopes and cut the size of your paper about a half inch shorter than that. My envelopes were 5.95 inches so I cut my paper to 5.5.

11.23.13 Thanksgiving Card 3
3. I also cut smaller pieces of different color paper and then glued that paper to my original…

11.23.13 Thanksgiving Card 5
4. Next… Add stickers….

11.23.13 Thanksgiving Card 6

I also did a green and light brown to mix it up a bit from the “normal” thanksgiving colors… I think I ended up liking this one the best. I sent it to Zachary’s mom and dad who just happen to love the color green.

Have I mentioned how I excited I am for Thanksgiving? Hehe. Xo.


Fancy Pants

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11.22.13 Fancy Pants

Images via J. Crew

Anyone who knows me, knows I am definitely a little over obsessed with J. Crew. The truth is that even though I can’t afford it all the time (they do have amazing sales from time to time) I am always looking at their website or style guide to get inspiration for any sort of outfit. This Thanksgiving I am scrapping the traditional holiday dress and going for a pants/sweater combo since I know that no matter how much I plan ahead, there will always be something to throw you off at the last minute. These outfits from J. Crew make me swoon and I am hoping to recreate something a little like them.

Thanksgiving Tables

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This Thanksgiving we are heading up north to my family’s vacation home in Mendocino County. I can’t begin to describe the excitement I am feeling to get out of town and relax for five whole days. I am super bummed that Zachary and I won’t be spending the holiday together but spending it with my family will be so nice. We haven’t all been together in years and as we get older and go our separate ways, it is even more important to see those that I have not seen in some time.

But this year is even more exciting because… drum roll please… I will be “hosting” it! I figure since it is just a small group of family that this is the perfect time to “practice” since there won’t be people to judge me but they all will be able to help.  I already have most of my lists done but I am still on the hunt for great table decorations on a budget.  Until I can find some, these tables will definitely be serving as inspiration.

11.19.13 Table2
11.19.13 Table3
11.19.13 Table4
11.19.13 Table5

Monday Musings: Saying No.

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11.18.13 MM %22Saying No%22 Picture The last couple weeks have been hectic and I know they are only going to get crazier with the holidays coming up. I think Zachary and I have something planned every weekend until February and although I love to be busy, it can be pretty stressful at times.
This past weekend was the only weekend I didn’t have a single thing planned. I mean, I had to work at the restaurant but I am so used to it that I don’t count that as something on the “To Do” list.  We didn’t have any events, no celebrations, one of my finals was due last week so my homework is pretty light, and I was really looking forward to doing nothing… Then my best friend called and asked if I wanted to come to girls wine night.
I used to have an extreme fear of missing out. I always wanted to be at everything and would lose sleep over not being invited somewhere. I think as I have grown up and aged a bit, I realize the importance of alone time and having time to do “nothing.” I told my best friend thank you for the invite but I just couldn’t make it. She asked why? I told her frankly, “I just want one night in my pajamas catching up on my DVR.” Without hesitation she said, “I totally understand, that sounds magical.”
Saying no is okay and sometimes necessary. I had a really rough semester about a year ago where I was always saying yes and overexerting myself; I paid the price with a few meltdowns and I refuse to ever let my head, or heart, get back to that point. I really needed that one night to sit on my couch and relax. I have been on the go so much lately that having time to myself to not answer emails, worry over homework or even entertain friends was crucial to keeping my sanity.
Plus saying ‘no,’ makes the ‘yes’ events much more enjoyable

Wednesday Wanderlust: Paris

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I went to Paris my junior year in high school. I was sixteen going on twenty-two and thought I knew everything. I had just passed my AP French test and my dad sent me off with my classmates and French teacher to put my knowledge to use. I had an absolutely amazing time. I truly feel that trip changed my life. Anytime my family discusses the trip, my dad comments that it is the best money he ever spent and even though I laugh, I am so grateful for it. Paris is a magical place and if I were to go back… Scratch that… WHEN I do visit Paris again (well everywhere in France for that matter), I would love to go in the fall. I know that I won’t be able to do this in the near future so for now, I have these beautiful to pictures to dream of.


All images via pinterest

Plaid Perfection

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Plaid Perfection_My Outfit
Target flannel // Old Navy shirt // J. Crew pants // Target shoes // Michael Kors watch // Bow was a gift

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. Bundling up in my favorite flannel never gets old to me. It is comfortable, warm and always on trend. Here are a few images to inspire you.

Plaid Perfection_Plaid JACKET

Plaid Perfection Green Plaid

Plaid Perfection_Plaid skirt

Plaid Perfection_tswift
All images via pinterest

Monday Musings

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11.4.13_Monday Musings_Apologize

“Never apologize for who you are,” has been ringing in my ear for some time now. I have no idea the person I want to be later but I have a pretty good idea about who I am at this moment. I am a student. I am a server. I am an intern, girlfriend, best friend, sister, etc. But sometimes, I get very self-conscious about the person I am. I am constantly comparing myself to others, second-guessing myself on every other decision I make. I haven’t taken the “normal” path and sometimes I question where I went wrong.

But who says that I went the wrong way? It is going to take me eleven years to get my bachelors. ELEVEN YEARS. I mean I should have my doctorate at that rate. And yet, I look back on the memories I have from taking semesters off, changing schools, losing classes, and during all that – I had a great time, an amazing time actually. I took chances, I made mistakes, I made the very best friends possible from quitting school and my full time job to work in a restaurant and have a pretty free schedule.

I know people judge me on the life that I have lived. I hear things that offend me and make me self-conscious but I always try to remember to have courage to know that it is not them I have to impress, it is myself. Never apologize for who you are.

The path I went down (or maybe you are on) has been a bit more uphill then I had planned and I don’t have to apologize for it. It is making me into the strong, independent, young woman who I am proud to be.


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