Monday Musings (a day late)

January 29, 2013 § Leave a comment


This weekend was amazing. Wine and Crab Week in the Mendocino area was absolutely everything I had wanted it to be and then, today happened. I came home to a bridge toll ticket that was due last week, the registration for my classes (that start next week) had somehow disappeared into cyber space and I felt like screaming, or crying, or both. So, I called my dad (like a big 26 year old baby would do) and expected him to fix everything and he simply said, “Kelsey, this is a bump in the road. You will be fine.” I wanted to scream and cry all over again but realized he was right.

Of course I will have to spend extra money on the ticket and I will have to take extra time tomorrow to figure out this class schedule, but in reality, it will be forgotten by next week. I should never let a little bump in the road ruin an amazing weekend with great friends, or anything for that matter.

Here are few more things from this weekend that are definitely making me happy:

1. A window’s reflection from Friday nights sunset.sunset

2. The road to my favorite beach.

the road

3.  One of the most epic bands I have ever seen; Church Marching Band.
epic band

4. An old logging road.

log road

5. A tasty meal paired with a heavenly glass of Roederer Estate Wine.

wine glass

6. A perfect (very cold) beach day.

a perfect beach day


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